About us

We are a family-owned bodega located in the centre of Jerez. The location, geographical orientation and the materials used in its construction all combine to ensure optimum conditions for wine maturation and ageing.

Bodegas Urium is a very old sacristy winery which boasts the full range of Jerez wines. We cherish the traditions, skills, processes and know-how of the wine-makers of Jerez and aspire to producing only the finest quality wines, stylishly and elegantly presented.

Our Bodega

Our passion for sherry led us to establish a small family-owned bodega in the historic centre of Jerez. Bodegas Urium is the result of a lengthy and painstaking process of selection featuring wines from the most important soleras of the wine region of Jerez.

The special situation and orientation of the bodega, as well as the materials used to construct its walls create a microclimate environment, which is essential to the maturing and aging of the wines.

Our bodega is a sacristy and houses the entire range of very old Sherry wines. Every year, an exclusively limited series of these wines, which have previously received the V.O.R.S. designation (wines that are at least 30 years old) are bottled.

We have preserved the ancient winemaking traditions of the bodegas from Jerez, and the skilful processes used by the expert winemakers. We take pride in our professionalism and attention to detail, as well as in the excellence of the wines and the elegance of our presentation.

Sherry Wines

The most distinctive characteristic of Sherry is, without a doubt, its great diversity. These matchless wines offer an endless palette of colours, aromas, flavours and textures.

Essential to their uniqueness is the process used in the wine region of Jerez to produce and age the wines. There are two different kinds of aging: oxidative and biological, which clearly define the organoleptic characteristics of the wide range of sherry types.

During biological aging, the wines are protected from oxidation by the velo de flor, a thin film of yeast which forms naturally in the humid environment of the bodegas and plays a crucial part in shaping their character, interacting in a very dynamic way.

In the oxidative process, the wines are left to mature inside oak barrels for a lengthy period, during which they become darker and more concentrated.

The result of ageing process, based on the traditional system called criaderas and soleras combined with the decisions of the expert winemaker, is the remarkable range of different sherry wines types.