Aged under velo de flor

We are extremely proud of our solera wines aged under a veil of yeasts called velo de flor, which produce highly distinctive finos of exceptional quality. The location, orientation and construction materials of the bodega itself are major contributing factors to the creation of the special microclimate which is suitable for the development of yeasts.

The natural protection that the flor gives to these wines, prevents the oxidation and modifies them, it produces the more intensive oenological process we know. All of this prints a special character to our wines.

Type of wine Fortified
Category Fino Sherry
Grapes Palomino Fino
Soil Albariza, Jerez Superior
Ageing process Biological, under velo de flor
Alcohol content 15% vol
Colour Intense golden pale.
Aroma Sharp and delicate bouquet, with hints of almonds, herbs and fresh bread dough.
Palate Light, smooth, very dry. Pleasant fresh sensation with a slightly bitterish aftertaste and reminiscent of almonds.
Combinations Ideal with snacks and tapas: olives, nuts, ham. Perfect with fish and shellfish, especially with salty fish (anchovies). Due to its low acidity, it combines perfectly with highly acidic dishes such as salad with vinegar dressing, gazpacho or marinated fish. Serve well chilled at 6°-8° C