Palo Cortado

URIUM clásicos

Palo Cortado is a complex oenological curiosity due to its long oxidative ageing and the reminiscences it evokes of the unique delicacy for which it was originally classified. A dark chestnut coloured sherry, it has a delicate bouquet with complex aromas of hazelnuts, bitter orange marmalade and butter. Combining the strength of an Oloroso and the delicate aroma of an Amontillado it seeps deep into the palate leaving a soft, lingering after-taste.

An ideal aperitif and the perfect accompaniment to all types of food, from ham, nuts or clams to consomés, gelatinous meat or fish stews and cheese. Perfect for those special moments after a meal, when it can be sipped slowly and savoured to the full. Serve cold between 12° and 14° C.